PUMaC 2016 Results

Team Scores


Round Place
Power 19th
Team 23rd
Individuals 23rd
Overall 23rd


Round Place
Power 23rd
Team 40th
Individuals 40th
Overall 37th

Individual Scores


Name Place
Nicholas Naing 26th
Milan Haiman 53rd
Matthew Kendall 63rd
Steven Litvack-Winkler 108th
Brian Huang 129th
Joshua Turcotti 135th
Hwankyu Song 165th


Name Place
Milan Haiman 50th
Zicheng Zhen 59th
Eric Zhang 67th
Steven Litvack-Winkler 90th
Michelle He 100th
David Yi 100th
Joel Ye 100th
Arvind Mahankali 131st


Name Place
Serina Hu 17th
Hwankyu Song 41st
Arvind Mahankali 73rd
Joel Ye 93rd
Michelle He 93rd
Chelsea Chen 101st
Alvin Chiu 126th
David Yi 126th
Nicholas Naing 126th

Number Theory

Name Place
Brian Huang 42nd
Zicheng Zhen 69th
Serina Hu 79th
Joshua Turcotti 109th
Chelsea Chen 109th
Eric Zhang 139th
Alvin Chiu 139th
Matthew Kendall 139th

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