Art of Problem Solving is a wonderful online mathematics resource, which includes online math classes, a variety of resouces, books, videos, contests, and a thriving community. It caters to all ages, from elementary to advanced high school.

New York Math Circle
NYMC offers special Mathematics enrichment classes for students – middle school through High School – on weekends during the academic year as well as an intensive three week summer program. Additional Talks, Workshops, and special topic sessions are also offered during the year for teachers and students. For details including course descriptions and requirements and dates, please refer to the NYMC website.

Summer Programs

There are many mathematics summer programs around the country. Many advanced students attend and enjoy them. Here are a couple of list of summer programs:


Contests for Coaches To Consider

American Mathematics Competitions (AMC)

Organized by the MAA, the AMC 10 and AMC 12 competitions are the first round of competitions that eventually culminate in selection for the USA team for the International Math Olympiad. They are appropriate for any high school students who are interested in problem solving. They are offered twice (about a week apart) each November. Students who do well on the AMC 10 or AMC 12 are invited to the AIME (American Invitational Math Exam). From these first two rounds, a small number of students are selected to participate in the USA Math Olympiad or USA Junior Math Olympiad, which is a proof-based competition.
AMC Website

New York Math League

This contest consists of 6 rounds of individual competition. School scores are calculated from the sum of the top 5 scores of each round. All students from grades 9-12 are eligible. Each round has 6 questions and is 30 minutes long. Cost: $90 per year for as many students as you would like.
Math League Website

New York Interscholastic Math League

The longest-running competition in the country, the NYCIML has 4 divisions: Soph-Frosh, Junior, Senior A, and Senior B. Each division has three rounds each semester. The format of each round is 3 pairs of questions for which the students have 10 minutes to solve each pair. Teams of 5 are established in advance, but the competition is conducted individually. The NYCIML contests is administered by the NYC Math Team. Cost: $75 per year for up to 3 teams in each division.
NYCIML Website

Purple Comet

Held once per year, the Purple Comet is a team-based competition. Students work together to solve 30 problems in 90 minutes (or as many as they can). There is no fee for this competition.
Purple Comet Website

Continental Math League

Mainly aimed at lower grades, the CML has a 9th grade contest at two levels: Euclidean and Pythagorean, with the latter aimed at more advanced students. The questions are quite reasonable for 9th grade students. There are 5 rounds of 6 questions each that are 30 minutes long throughout the year. They also have a calculus contest for students of AP Calculus. Cost per contest: $95 per year.
CML Website

Atlantic-Pacific Math League

The Atlantic-Pacific competition is open to all high school students. The difficulty level is very reasonable. There are 6 rounds of 6 questions each that are 30 minutes long throughout the year. Cost per contest: $80 per year.
Atlantic-Pacific Math League Website

Rocket City Math League

The RCML runs contests at 5 levels depending on students’ current math course and background. The contests are free to participate in and consist of 3 rounds of individual competition and one round of team competition.
RCML Website