Mission Statement

The mission of the NYC Math Team is to identify and develop exceptional high school math students to represent New York City.

About NYC Math Team

For over seventy-five years, New York City has held a leading position in the world of Mathematics competitions at all levels. The New York City Math Team (NYCMT) provides the means by which interested, outstanding students may prepare in order to collectively represent NYC in State, Regional, and National Mathematics Competitions.

The New York City Math Team is supported and run by NYC Math Team Inc, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

For students: The New York City Math Team is a place for students interested in mathematics to interact with one another and to learn math, solve problems and participate in math competitions. We strive to engage and encourage all interested students to join this highly enriched community in which like-minded, interested students deepen their appreciation, understanding and enjoyment of Mathematics.

For teachers: The New York Math Team also welcomes coaches to attend team practices, give presentations, start their own math teams and become part of the math community.

Team Selection

  • Teams are selected for competitions based on recommendations from coaches and scores on contests like the AMC, AIME, NYCIML, etc.
  • Practices will be held in the Spring before the major NYSML and ARML competitions. See Practices
  • Students will have an opportunity to meet students from across the city who are also interested in math.
  • Team members will participate in various contests at the state and national level.


The work of the NYC Math Team is made possible by the generous donations from our sponsors.