Team Results

The New York City math team has been very successful over the years. Here are our historical results of the top New York City team in various contests. The New York City team has won the ARML competition a total of 12 times, most recently in 2008. It has won the New York State Math League (NYSML) competition every year at least since 1988.

2024 1st 5th, 21st, 30th 11th, 43rd
2023 1st 5th, 19th, 38th 13th 2nd, 20th 4th
2022 1st 3rd, 19th, 34th, 44th5 5th 4th, 10th4 6th
2021 1st 2nd, 25th, 38th, 49th, 59th, 64th 3rd 4th, 25th3 5th 6th 2nd
2020 2 2 8th 1st, 12th2 4th 5th  
2019 1st 6th, 17th, 43rd, 50th, 10th 3rd, 10th, 30th 4th 5th  
2018 1st 11th, 34th, 44th, 48th, 53rd, 73rd 27th 4th, 24th, 38th
2017 1st 19th, 47th, 57th, 58th 20th 13th, 34th
2016 1st 14th, 36th, 67th, 72nd, 77th, 85th 14th 23rd, 37th
2015 1st 7th, 44th, 53rd, 69th, 79th, 85th 4th 7th, 36th
2014 1st 3rd, 37th, 52nd, 72nd, 79th, 81st 11th 1
2013 1st 6th, 24th, 48th, 64th, 73rd, 77th 17th 10th
2012 1st 8th, 30th, 35th, 48th, 71st, 75th 10th 4th
2011 1st 4th, 28th, 29th, 32nd, 56th, 62nd 7th 3rd
2010 1st 7th, 13th, 30th, 48th, 50th, 54th 11th 7th
2009 1st 4th, 34th, 35th, B Division: 9th, 13th, 38th 6th
2008 1st 1st, 24th, 38th, B Division: 13th, 25th, 42nd 3rd 10th
2007 1st 3rd, 23rd, 32nd, B Division: 38th, 40th, 51st    
2006 1st 12th, 23rd, 26th, B Division: 10th    
2005 1st 8th, 20th, 25th, B Division: 16th    
2004 1st 3rd, 24th, B Division: 2nd, 20th, 44th    
2003 1st 5th, 24th, B Division: 8th, 18th    
2002 1st 7th, B Division: 1st, 17th, 22nd, 41st    
2001 1st 8th, B Division: 13th, 33rd, 37th    
2000 1st 3rd, 24th, B Division: 6th, 23rd    
1999 1st 4th, 24th, B Division: 10th, 43rd    
1998 1st 17th, 25th, B Division: 4th, 18th    
1997 1st 2nd, 24th, B Division: 9th, 33rd    
1996 1st 2nd, B Division: 2nd, 23rd, 30th    
1995 1st 1st, B Division: 12th    
1994 1st 1st, B Division: 11th    
1993 1st 10th, 23rd    
1992 1st 8th, 25th    
1991 1st 2nd, 14th    
1990 1st 3rd, 16th    
1989 1st 3rd, 16th    
1988 1st 9th, 14th    
1987 ? 1st, 12th    
1986 ? 1st, 10th    
1985 ? 2nd, 13th    
1984 ? 1st, 15th    
1983 ? 1st, 13th    
1982 ? 1st, 10th    
1981 ? 1st, 7th    
1980 ? 1st, 7th    
1979 ? 1st, 15th    
1978 ? 2nd, 8th    
1977 ? 3rd, 11th    
1976 1st 1st, 3rd    
1975 ?      
1974 ?      
1973 ?      

1. New York City did not compete, but Stuyvesant A finished 12th

2. Due to COVID-19, NYSML and ARML were cancelled in 2020. PUMaC was moved from fall 2020 to Spring 2021.

3. Due to COVID-19, PUMaC was moved from fall 2021 to Spring 2022.

4. Due to COVID-19, PUMaC was moved from fall 2022 to Spring 2023.

5. Due to COVID-19, NYC Math Team competed as an offsite team and ranked 2nd among offsite teams and had the 3rd highest score of all onsite or offsite teams.