2014 Introductions

In June, after eight years of doing an almost impossible job, Jim Cocoros stepped down as a head coach. After much deliberation, a small team of three, Eliza Kuberska, Oana Pascu, and Dmitry Sagalovskiy, volunteered for one interim year to share responsibilities of running the team.

We will be organizing a lecture series and practices, doing reach-out to students and other coaches, and solidifying the New York City Math Team as a self sustaining entity. In June 2015, all willing NYC math team coaches will be invited to vote in a new head coach, which we hope can be a less stressful, 3 year term, rotating job.

We invite all NYC math team coaches to join the NYCMT community to that end, starting with the lecture series and practices.

We hope to see you soon!

– Eliza Kuberska (Hunter College High School)
– Oana Pascu (Stuyvesant High School)
– Dmitry Sagalovskiy (New York Math Circle)