Support the Team

During the past year, the New York City Math Team initiative has expanded enabling us to serve an ever-widening audience. This year we intend to continue regularly scheduled practice sessions, open to all interested NYC students. In addition, we hope to participate in even more regional and national events. Naturally, there are many expenses incurred. To cover the nearly $60,000 in annual expenses, we rely entirely on the generosity of donors. Your deeply appreciated support has made a real difference in student’s lives. It has provided these young people exceptional opportunities and experiences. Their achievements continue to bring honor to our City.

We feel that, while it is important to focus on raising money to cover this year’s expenses, it is more important to create a solid financial foundation for the next 5 years. As such, we ask that rather than providing a one-time donation, please consider pledging to donate for multiple years. Thank you for your ongoing support of the NYC Math Team!